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Ecommerce solutions tailored for premium brands

Your brand is unique. Your approach to Amazon should be too. That’s why we take a holistic view of your business and craft a strategy to help your brand succeed in the chaotic world of global e-commerce marketplaces.

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The Recom Process

Auditing your catalog is the first step of our process, and one that’s critical to your brand’s success on Amazon. With a combination of proprietary tools and years of experience, we find every listing on Amazon, regardless of who manages it.

From there, we use your catalog to determine your inventory needs based on the engagement solution that fits you best.

With a clean, organized catalog, we kick off the optimization process for all of your product listings. This can involve scrubbing imagery, updating copy, creating keywords, and building or enhancing your brand store and A+Content–all of which are vital components of advertising strategies down the road.

With the creative optimization in progress, our Brand Protection team simultaneously begins a full review of who is selling your products on Amazon (which have been identified during our “Dig in” phase). We then work with you to establish a legal framework to protect your brand on Amazon and maximize your buy-box success. Getting this initial setup right is essential, though brand protection is a task that never ends.

Once your listings are optimized and protected, our marketing team creates and executes an advertising plan to drive growth both on and off Amazon.

With everything now working in concert, we keep you up to date on your brand's performance. Our comprehensive dashboard provides real-time analytics across all performance indicators and even identifies demand trends, enabling your brand to grow on Amazon while planning for new product launches and channel expansion.

We make it easier for your brand to succeed on Amazon

As your premier Amazon partner, our analysts, designers, developers, marketers, attorneys, and logistics specialists function as an extension of your team to dramatically advance growth. 

How we optimize for Amazon
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Premium brands trust Recom

Curious about partnership?

Drop us a line if you’d like to learn more about our partnership. Our team is focused on your concerns, and driven by curiosity.