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Catalog Management

Merchandise your products

Merchandising your assortment in any retail setting is a critical task, and Amazon is certainly no different. It all starts with an organized catalog of products arranged to ensure a seamless experience for your consumers. Because Amazon is notoriously complex, we use data forensics and marketplace mastery to provide brands with unmatched insights into their catalog, while simultaneously creating an actionable roadmap to clean up any chaos left by previous sellers.

Employee Spotlight

Rick Campbell

Head of Marketplace Integration

"By discovering anomalies across the nearly 2,000 unique catalog data points open to all sellers, we make it easier for customers to shop and help brands create a truly optimized experience."

Making sense of the madness

If your brand has been selling for any period of time on Amazon, there may be more madness than method in your listings. Gray market sellers, third-party retailers, and others have likely created dozens, if not thousands of additional ASINs (product listings). To win back your buy box, you need to turn that chaos into clarity.

A meticulous process

Your revenue is our revenue, so we’ve crafted a meticulous process, grounded in Amazon marketplace analysis, to create the cleanest catalog possible. We start with a deep dive review of your brand’s presence on Amazon that creates a clear picture of your listings and identifies any hidden revenue opportunities. From there, we work with you to clean up any problematic product listings. Finally, we prepare an optimized catalog that we share with our demand planning team (for order processing), our creative team (for listing optimization), and our brand protection team (to monitor any unauthorized selling).

Mind the gap analysis

Every brand has hidden opportunities to increase revenue and improve the customer experience. That can be as simple as a new bundling strategy or holiday pack, or as complex as launching an entirely new product line. Our gap analysis ensures that no money is left on the table, and your brand's marketplace potential is continuously being maximized.

It's never a one and done

Marketplace analysis is never a one-and-done job. Amazon is continually changing and sometimes increasing the requirements brands must meet to sell on the platform. We have deep familiarity with nuances of Amazon compliance and can protect your revenue and maximize your sales. We also periodically reanalyze your assortment against Amazon data to ensure that your catalog stays up-to-date and optimized for success.


"Their expertise in advertising and inventory management is very proficient and the team we work with regularly is extremely professional and experienced." 

Leslie Munsell, President

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