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Success Stories

On target brand protection and creative optimization for a leading crossbow brand

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MAP compliance


buy box control


A+ content

The Challenge

TenPoint is a leading manufacturer of crossbows and crossbow accessories and sits in an extremely seasonal category, resulting in sizeable discounts at certain times of the year. As a result, the brand was experiencing massive grey market selling on Amazon given unauthorized sellers would buy discounted stock at one time of the year and sell it during peak season to generate a healthy profit. These same sellers would often violate minimum advertised price (MAP) policies. Compounding this challenge  was a lack of content for individual listings on Amazon including no brand story or A+ content pages.  All of this was making it extremely difficult for the brand to create consistent and effective forecasts and maximize their presence on Amazon.

The Solution

Our first step was to implement a full stream brand protection program, including real-time monitoring of the brand’s catalog and help in enforcement actions against unauthorized sellers. With the reduction in diversion and gray market selling, we were then able to develop a SKU-level forecast that considered seasonal changes in demand. In addition, we created content for the full catalog, brand story, and brand storefront, including standardizing formatting and optimizing for SEO.

The Results

TenPoint is another success story on Amazon. Our brand protection enabled 100% MAP compliance and 95% buy box control, while ensuring that their products maintained 100% in-stock rates during peak seasons. The brand’s content is also best-in-class, with 100% of it now A+. Best of all, TenPoint has taken over the top spot as the #1 crossbow brand on